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Spring 2020 & Covid-19

Its April 2020, temperatures are finally into the double digits Celsius and we should be full with wonderful guests. In light of Covid-19 and the "Stay Home" order by the Premier and the Prime Minister, we have zero occupancy with all of our guests canceling their reservations. This is the right thing to do, Stay Home. The sooner the Pandemic is under control the sooner the return to a "New Normal" can begin.

This is especially hard, with Easter this coming weekend. I understand the temptation to spend it with family and friends, or even go for a visit somewhere, but we must stay strong and listen to the authorities with respect to dealing with this pandemic. So sadly, it will continue to be a virtual visit for my family and friends. I am hoping for some sunshine though and sitting on the deck time.

I am super lucky to have several friends in the Oliver area. A good friend was able to fly his Drone over to take some amazing shots of the place. I only wish the pool was open and all my spring flowers were around the deck. Ahhhhh, next time. These are cool shots though and you get a feel of the property, but also how quiet it is right now. Little traffic around and no guests.

Hoping this is all under control soon, Stay Safe, Stay Calm and Stay Home.

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